"Discover the secrets of the masculine perspective so that you can get through to any man, connect with him heart to heart, & inspire his deepest loyalty & commitment!"

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“I have been telling all of my friends about your work. It has completely transformed my broken relationship with my soul mate and we are better than ever now. Therefore you're kinda saving my life! Thank you so much, you two are amazing!”
“I love these videos inside of Understanding Men! I've gone through the program once already, but I think I might go through it again because I may have missed some details here and there. Thanks again for making this program! Big fan of it."
Anna W.

You will learn the exact triggers that would instantly make 90% of all men run, withdraw, disappear, and leave even if you thought things were going well with him. (And of course we’ll show you what you should be doing instead!)

You’ll discover a man’s true intentions with you, regardless of how he’s acting with you right now. (This insight itself will shatter your old paradigm about men, and instil a new one that men will love you for!)

We’re also going to help you dig into your history with men and how it has shaped the way you interpret men's behaviors and the filter in which you see men through. (We'll walk you through an intense exercise to dig out the root cause of why you’ve had those issues with men in the past, and make the cause vanish instantly.)

You’ll learn what the masculine brain is hardwired to be attracted to, and it’s usually not what we women think it is. (Testosterone changes and shapes a man’s brain very differently to a woman’s brain, so stop trying to analyze his behavior using your feminine instincts!)

You’ll learn why it stimulates a man’s mind and body to continue on the hunt, and continue the pursuit, but once it’s over, he loses his internal drive and motivation. (This is critical to understand if you’ve ever felt like a man had stopped pursuing you and taken you for granted.)

You’ll learn the 3 things that every masculine hunter looks for in a woman regardless of age, background or social status. (...And if you can figure out what these 3 things are… then I guarantee that men will see you as a “perfect catch”.)

You’ll learn what true femininity is, and how to exude your own natural feminine essence to lure and attract men without looking like you’re trying at all. (Forget all the rubbish you hear on the internet about "what you must do" to be feminine, we'll show you the real path without the erroneous rules.)

You’ll discover the simple 5 word phrase you must say before speaking to your man, in order to get past his masculine defense and get him to listen, connect and appreciate you as a woman. (It’s all about communicate to him in his own masculine language!)

You will learn one of the greatest insights about men… which is their common greatest desires and fears. (If you don’t know what drives a man on the inside, then you will never be able to figure out why he acts the way he does on the outside, and after learning this, you will know things about him that even he doesn’t know about himself.)

You’ll learn to see how men perceive life through their masculine filters, and why he thinks, feels and behaves the way he does! (...And if you were to ever meet a man’s needs, you need to know what is going on INSIDE of him first.)

You’ll learn the key differences between an emotionally mature & responsible man versus a man who is immature, irresponsible and will not take you seriously. (So that you won't ever have to attract immature men that leads to nowhere.)

Discover the ONE Lethal thing to NEVER do in your relationship with a man, and if you do, it literally spells the END for you two. (We all know that men have sensitive egos and aren’t as emotionally fit as us women are, right?)

Do you know what the sexiest thing to every single red blooded man is? You will certainly find out in this module. (...And no, it’s not your body, or your face, it’s not anything remotely sexual… yet every single man is a sucker for this!)

You will be getting inside the shoes of a man and discover why the dating scene is actually really scary and intimidating from a man’s eyes. (...And why it’s important that you put a man at ease before you can get to know him.)

You’ll learn the 4 most dangerous dating mistakes that women are making over and over, that are killing their chances with any decent man they meet. (Men will literally lose any desire for you and run the other way, and most women don’t even realize.)

Do you know what are the 5 key things that an emotionally mature man looks for in a woman? If you don’t, you will lose him to another woman who knows and appreciates those key things. (There are approximately 50 million single women in the US alone, who are more than happy to compete with you.)

Do you know what the number 1 rule to follow when it comes to dating? This rule is critical for you to follow in dating, yet rather useless when you get into a committed relationship. (This single rule will automatically give men the impression that you are a highly desirable, highly sought after woman, and make them chase you like you are the prize!)

You’ll learn the important skill of attracting the right types of men, and naturally repelling those jerks, weirdos, losers, psychos and crazies! (We’ve seen this again and again, women attracting men who are just not right for them… only for the woman to discover way too late!)

Learn the real reason behind why men chase you, and then loses interest after he “gets” you. (...And what to do instead to avoid this common trap so that he can pursue you indefinitely and enjoy the process.)

You’ll learn why over 80% of men are deathly afraid of actually building a real committed relationship, and how you can easily inspire him to commit by giving him this ONE simple thing. (And NO, it’s not sex… it’s not your love, it’s not even close…)

Discover how to turn the emotional unavailable man, into a deeply committed and loyal lover. (This is all about knowing a man’s emotional hot buttons, and pushing them at the right times.)

Discover how to connect deeply with your man’s heart and soul, and make him feel like he has known you forever. (and as a result, you become the only indispensable woman in his life.)

You’ll discover why every masculine man has to have commitment resistance and how you can easily manoeuvre around it by caring for his needs first. (Believe it or not, most men actually WANT a deeply committed relationship to one woman, but they usually need a woman to help set that up!)

We’ll show you what freedom looks like to a man, and how you can give this golden treasure to a man without having him feel disconnected to you! (It's actually quite easy and he will realise instantly how much of a "keeper" you are!)

You’ll learn the 5 step process we’ve designed to help you naturally inspire emotional commitment from your man without pressure or ultimatums. (Regardless of how distant he’s been in the past or how he's rejected a deeper commitment with you.)

How do you open a man up when he’s withdrawn, pulled away and disappeared? How do you make him feel more attracted to you in a long term relationship and prevent him from looking elsewhere? (You'll learn exactly what to do in these situations inside of Understanding Men.)

You’ll get an internal perspective of what men really want from a long term relationship, and how this may differ to what women want in a relationship. (I’m not talking about the obvious answers, but the things most men wouldn't tell you because they wouldn't want to hurt your feelings or lose your love.)

You’ll learn the 4 key things all men want and need in a long term committed relationship in order to be satisfied, happy and in love. (...And always have him come back giving you more appreciation, adoration and respect.)

You’ll discover some hot answers to these common yet important questions you may have… Does he want to have sex with other women? Will he cheat on me? Is monogamy what he actually wants? Or would he prefer to have an “open” relationship? (The real answers will likely surprise you.)

You'll discover how to painlessly inspire your man to be exclusive with you and only you. (...Even if he hates the idea of monogamy. Note: If you ever want a man to yourself, then you owe it to yourself to understand this important concept.)

Learn the dual mating strategies that every male has inherited in his DNA and how that affects his faithfulness to you. (The more you understand this dual nature, the more you're able to create more understanding, appreciation and love in the relationship.)

You’ll discover the only way to prevent your man from cheating on you and leaving you long term. (...And no, it's not just about meeting his sexual needs. Just follow what you learn in module 7, and you will realise this is the real deal.)

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